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How to have the EDGE over anybody

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Want to STOP BEING AVERAGE!? Read the following:

Why you aren’t above a whole crowd of people. Maybe it is because you work like average people. Work for 8 hours a day for 5 days and get money based on how many hours you put in. If you follow this pattern, you can never leave the category of average. To become bigger than average, you have to put in more effort, and keep hustling until you reach your desired goal. People do not always become an overnight success, behind their success there is always month's/years of hardcore hustling that they had to put in. Nothing great in life can be achieved with ease, but instead it is achieved with a commitment and a ton of effort.

Grant Cardone: 10X Rule

If you haven’t heard of the name of Grant Cardone, he is a millionaire entrepreneur who teaches his ways/techniques to us online.

One of his rules is called the 10X Rule, this rule basically states that if you put 10 times the effort of something you will receive 10 times the value of what you are currently receiving.

This may seem very simple yet it is very underestimated. If you try to analyze the world properly, you will understand that this entire world is made up of math. For example: If you are doing real estate and you realise that out of 100 clients, one client is usually ready to buy a house. To reach a certain goal you have to reach a certain amount of clients. Let's say you want 10 clients to buy a house with you per month, well that simply means you have to visit 1000 clients a month, if you want to reach to 10 clients ultimately buying a house.

In Summary:

  • You have to work more harder than others.
  • If you want to surpass average you have to have superior quality of your work.
  • Most of the planet is made up of math if you go deep enough into anything.
  • If you are a real estate agent, and you want 10 clients a month that actually buys a house. You would need to visit a 1000 clients a month, because you know that for every hundred you visit, one will accept you.
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