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Three Feet from Gold (Full Summary)

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Here are the key points and takeaways from Three Feet from Gold by Napolean Hill:

  • Those who program themselves for success find a way to succeed even in the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Solutions to most problems come from one source: Yourself
  • Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect.


  • There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions.


  • Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.
  • Never complain about your problems, b/c ninety-five percent of the people don’t care.
  • Care about other people and be willing to help them.
  • The people you meet and the books you read is what you will know and absorb


  • Hang around thinkers, and you’ll be a better thinker


  • Hang around winners, and you’ll be a better winner


  • Hang around a bunch of complainers and you’ll become a better complainer.




  • All great leaders keep notes to remind themselves and instantly recall the entire message in their spare time
  • Success is a journey and not a destination.


  • It’s is discovering your major purpose in  life and pursuing it


  • Have the courage not to quit even when you feel you have no other choice but to quit.
  • Read books b/c they will inspire you to ask a new question which is result make you smarter.


  • You must invest your time to learn how to do what you want to accomplish in life.


  • When you are impatience and lack knowledge, it won’t be long before you become totally frustrated and disillusioned.
  • You won’t succeed if you're not willing to seek expert advice.
  • If you want to succeed in business dedicate your life to have a “Never Quit” attitude.
  • To succeed you must have stackability.
  • Work your strengths, hire your weaknesses
  • Problems occur when you listen to other people’s opinions rather than seeking out good counsel.
  • Opinions are usually based on ignorance, and lack of knowledge, whereas counsel, is based on wisdom and experience.


  • The greatest success you’ll know is helping others succeed and grow.


  • Never make a major decision in a valley b/c no one can make a sound decision when it’s based on fear, loss, or disappointment.
  • When faced with the challenges in life it is important that you keep digging, b/c the result are just about to happen.
  • A dream is just a dream until it is written down. Only then does it become a goal.
  • Make yourself a Pocket Promise.
  • One simple deed can give you miracles in return.
  • We are always flowing either toward or away from any goal we give ourselves.
  • Every day, the directions we choose is up to us.
  • Goals are aspirations until they become real. Then they become responsibilities.
  • Sometimes you have to sit back and look at your situations from different angles to find different solutions
  • Capture the leaders and then allow them to corner the market.
  • Collaboration is essential to create miracles
  • Knowing that you can do it is more powerful than believing you can.
  • The most successful people are the most accessible people, and want to teach others how to become successful.
  • Stay on your toes. Focus on the job at hand. (Don’t talk about your hits -Talk about your punches.
  • You never feel or remember the blows. - You only feel the victory.
  • Prove yourself right.
  • Starting a business takes time and requires a lot of patience before it becomes successful.
  • History is the past. Base your decisions on the future.
  • Your degree of success is in proportion to how many no’s you can sustain throughout your process.
  • Success simply comes from going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
  • Poverty is not what’s in your pocket - it’s what you have in your head.
  • 10% of your attitude is determined by what life hands you.
  • 90% by how you choose to respond.
  • Have two things in your mind: a vision and a mission.

You need two types of courage:


  • First, the courage to get started.


  • Second, the courage to not quit.



The secret to success is performing a series of consistent daily actions, with a consistent outcome in mind.


  • Act in spite of fear.


  • An average person  doubts their beliefs, but believe their doubts


  • You must believe it before you can see it.


  • Recite a personal mantra


  • I can do it, I will do it, I am doing it


  • Find and use your advantage or someone will take it away.
  • Be a job-maker, not a job taker. - Make your own opportunities.
  • Every setback and challenge hold in it an equal or greater opportunity.
  • If you want something to change, then change the way you look at it.
  • Your first five minutes dictate your day.
  • Great wisdom is worth nothing unless applied.
  • Good enough - never is.
  • Never let other people stand in your way. Turn adversity into an advantage
  • Turn their doubts into your catalyst and motivation.
  • To gain more in life you must do more.
  • Always be in service to other. - “How may I serve you”
  • The biggest mistake people can make is to think that they are the only one who has ever gone through this experience.
  • Don’t ever play the victim game and have self-pity
  • To get what you want, help enough other people get what they want first.

When you're pursuing your dream ask yourself

What the worst that can happen?

Can I handle that?



If the answer is yes then do it!

  • Never let mistake define who you are.
  • We all carry our own mirrors with us and it’s how we see ourselves in these reflections that the world sees us in return.  
  • The lack of fate dictates the difference between success and failure.
  • If you have a big enough reason to do something the “how” will simply show itself.
  • The laws of success will never change even if times have changed.
  • If you develop an “I don’t believe in defeat attitude,” you will learn that there is no such thing as defeat until you accept it as such.
  • Sometimes the worst situations turn out to be the best opportunities.
  • A leader will see things from a completely different point of view.
  • Leaders simply understand that to succeed, we must act as if we’re going to succeed and never lose focus on the end result.
  • Forget the past and always focus on the future with hopes and great excitement and anticipation
  • Combine your passion and talent, take action with the right association, and above all else have faith that you are on the right path.
  • ((P+T) x A x A)+F
  • Golden opportunities are lurking at every corner, waiting for the person with initiative to come along and discover them.




3 C's of Success

Congruency: Be authentic in your words and actions. In other words, do as you say, and say as you do. Others are watching, and even more importantly, this is what makes up your character.

Charity: Have a crystal clear vision of what you desire.

Certainty: Know within your heart and soul that what you are doing has a purpose.

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