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30 Business Ideas Potentially Worth Millions (But not that popular)

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People are always looking for ideas, and when I ask them why aren’t you in the place you want to be, they always say that they do not have the creative powers to think of a million dollar idea. Trust me, there are TONS of ideas out there, but the real problem comes while executing.

Getting your team set up, finding venture capitalists or investors to give you pre-money evaluations and working on the idea as much as possible. These can take a long time, and it is usually frustrating when things don’t go your way, but if you are executing right and going on the right path, then for sure you can make it big.

Here are 30 Ideas that can be worth Millions of Dollars, but haven’t been executed on heavily and aren’t very well known:

1) AirBnb for Cars (Rental Service)

2) Hedge Fund on Cryptocurrencies

3) App for Private Lessons Instructors

4) Affiliate promoter (Blog based on reviewing products and promoting them)

5) Hypebeast Stuff Reviewer

6) App for venture capitalists to find ideas and people to invest in

7) Shared Event Planning

8) App for seasonal things (Lawn Care Business, Snow blow, etc)

9) App for pet renting (for movies or experiences)

10) Social Media app for businessmen (Better version of linkedin)

11) Restaurant Reservation App

12) House Renting Apps for Students

13) Anonymous Chat with Links

14) Blog about Book Reviews and Summaries

15) App for donations and pickups

16) Paypal for Bitcoin

17) Freelancer Pay (Because paypal takes like half the money)

18) Local Freelancer

19) Employers to find employees

20) App to show history, facts and strategies of Business

21)  Flashback

22) Goal Management App

23) Music Share Application

24) An instant party planning and invitation app

25) Staff Management App

26) An app for finding small paid work in your local area

27) Review and earn platform

28) Fitness Buddy (Platform to manage fitness)

29) Dating app based on hobbies

30) Electric Charging Station Finder (with Reviews)

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